Women! Stop Asking Permission. Jesus Has Already Given It.

Have you ever had something happen, where you thought you knew the answer, but it turned out Gods’ answer looks completely different to your solution?

Typically for me it’s when He decides that I need to embrace His freedom in a more complete way, or deal with my attitude, because the way I see things is where the issue lies, not where I consider the origin of the problem to be.

I have an issue with freedom for women within the church and the world. There is not enough of it.

Everywhere we turn, there is a block, a subtle turning away, the glass ceiling, the ‘right and proper order’, even violence, deliberate suppression, repression and holding down.

It is one of the things which is incendiary for me, and I tend to turn my ire on those who would perpetuate it- which is unholy, and serves only to assist in people seeing the need for keeping women “under control”… Whoops! Sorry Ladies!

I go through seasons it seems where God speaks His most pertinent words to me in different places. For a long time, it was in the bathroom, then it was while we were gardening. At the moment, it’s while we’re driving somewhere, probably because He has a captive audience!

One day I’m driving along, and I am again banging on to Jesus about the freedom for women within the church. I think He got tired of hearing me alternately whine, get angry and demand He do something about it.

In the middle of one of my rants, He stopped me and said:

“Stop asking for permission to be who I made you to be and do what I have called you to do.” That’s all He said.

For three & a half hours I drove with that reverbing around my head.

All of a sudden the situation I have been fired up about is not about things external to me, but about my own behaviour.

I have been operating under the glass ceiling, allowing myself to be influenced by things that have no authority over Jesus, allowing myself to be ruled by conventions that are just conventions, not Holy Spirits voice.

I think I have just been reminded “There is no spoon…” (for all you fans of The Matrix out there).

Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive. Isaiah 52:2 (NIV)

The only one who can tell us what to do, or how to live is Jesus. We don’t need to ask permission from anyone else to do or be anything He has called us to. If you know me, you know I advocate fellowship, and Godly groups of people we can be accountable with.

I believe Jesus just told me the person who has been holding me back- holding us back, is ourselves. If we choose to ignore convention, then it is ignored. It doesn’t exist.

Cultural rules and norms are mostly made-up things that we collectively feel or think, they often aren’t real, they often aren’t written down, and they are often ‘enforced’ simply by the majority following them, or by suggestion.

This is peer-pressure, or bullying. It isn’t Kingdom of God.

If one person is higher than another, that isn’t Kingdom of God. If one person has more rights than another, that isn’t Kingdom of God.

If I choose to allow another person to tell me what parts of m