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The Little Things

Have you ever noticed those tiny little flowers in the grass? Some of them wouldn’t even be half a centimetre across. They grow really low to the ground, and you don’t notice them often unless you’re looking. Also sticky weed has a really lovely flower. It’s purple and pink and is very vibrant but would be 8mm by 2mm if it’s lucky.

What would even pollinate something that small? And how small would an insect pollinator be to pollinate a flower that is 5mm total diameter? Ants? It’s probably a self-pollinator, but it does beg the question. That also tells you the current state of my lawn too. Full of things that aren’t actually grass, and ringed with sticky weed!

I have been spending a lot of time lately talking with Jesus about details. Particularly about the importance of them, and how much He loves to be involved in all of the little things that make up our day.

How many people would think to include Jesus in the process of brushing their teeth? Seriously? What about sweeping the back steps? Driving to get milk? Paying the phone bill? Lighting the fire? Making the bed? Getting the post? How about putting leftovers in the fridge? Choosing what to watch on TV?

Some of these are habits that people have built over many years; since early childhood. For some people some of these things come with self-limiting choices, like music, TV, movies etc.

There are some things that we think about including Him in. Some families have a habit of praying before meals, some people specifically pray before they travel places, particularly in cars or using other transport. There’s the old “Dear God, I need a parking space please…”, and if we misplace our keys or need to find something in the pantry that I know I bought, but can’t for the life of me remember where I put, “I need a word of knowledge, Lord God because I really don’t know what’s happened to the salt.” (He always comes through.)

However, it can be a shift to remember that God is not just outside of us, like some invisible, impersonal entity. Particularly when it comes to the little things. Habit can take over, and our brains gloss through the daily chores, doing things that have become rituals by necessity- good things- hygiene, cleaning, food preparation, looking after pets, being responsible for our patch of the world.

All these things without remembering that as our hands are pulling weeds from the garden, those same hands are actually Jesus’ hands.

…the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Colossians 1:27 (NIV)

As disturbing a thought as it is initially- if you’ve never thought it before… When we walk the Narrow Way and have accepted Christ, it means that when we feed ourselves, we feed Him. When we brush our teeth, we brush His. When we watch TV, Christ’s eyes are watching through us. When we hug someone, we are using, not only our arms, but the arms of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

Because. He. Is. In. Us.

This also goes for Holy Spirit, we have two parts of the God-Head indwelling.

This is why I think He loves the little things so much, because it’s where the rubber really hits the road.

When Jesus is alive for us in the smallest of things, then the bigger things become easier, more fluid. It is the process of building a foundation, altering our daily DNA, creating the only habits that are really important. We know, that once a habit is built, everything else can be structured around that, because one seemingly inconsequential little habit will hold up a whole character.

Who dares despise the day of small things, Zechariah 4:10 (NIV)

The distinction needs to be between whether we have been building our relationship with Father in love or from ritual. He doesn’t want us to say thanks for our meal if we aren’t actually talking to Him directly.

He does so love to be included in everything that we do.

If we can grasp these truths, not only the responsibility we have in literally being the body of Christ, but also the authority that comes with it; the step from operating from a position of powerless humanity, to operating as eternitys’ conduit is only a shift in paradigm and the development of a relationship, not some external out-of-reach impossibility…

God Bless You Very Much.


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