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Low & Slow

The deepest rivers make the biggest impact on the landscape. Glaciers carve a path that will remain long after any trace of water in the region has gone. Hidden water, far beneath our feet is busy making beautiful places that maybe God alone will see in the lifetime of this world.

It is written that when we walk on the Narrow Way we have rivers of living water flowing in us and through us.

Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:37-38 (NIV)

Three small words are Gods’ reminder to me often. Low and slow Anita, low and slow.

It’s a time for me to check where my attitude is at, where my heart and head are at, and to double check that my connection with All of God is in in its proper place. That I’m not over-reaching or that I haven’t stepped out from behind Jesus to try and do something for myself.

We need to seek to be famous with Jesus. Not to be famous for Jesus, as in; famous so that we can show a lot of people Jesus, or famous for being like Jesus, or famous for doing things that Jesus did. All of those things are good, and they achieve a lot of things for the Kingdom and they are very, very anointed things, and those who are called to them are needed in those places. For today, however, I’m not talking about those particular kinds of “Famous with Jesus”.

Today I want to focus on being in the place of having Gods’ eye upon us, Heavens’ attention towards us, and HIM being impressed. Him being proud. His bringing things to us because we are in such a tight place of intimacy with Him, that He knows that we are totally trustworthy.

I have to ask myself. Am I trustworthy enough that when He asks me to stop what I am doing and show love for one homeless person, will I do it? Going to an extreme, would my relationship with God be strong enough to sustain a call similar to Mother Theresa? There are people who do the same things she did, every day on the streets of Calcutta, without recognition from the wider world.

We see the one who was recognised and forget the hundreds and thousands who are not recognised.

Do we admire the one who was recognised, or the recognition itself?

If the recognition comes, are we in a position to steward it in a way that always puts God first?

Being totally hidden in Christ Jesus is a life that requires a minute by minute death, but He also gives back the fullness of who He created us to be. We do not forsake ourselves in order to give Jesus complete sovereignty, instead, I have found that the more space I give to Him, the more I open myself up to Him, the more He redeems and returns me, whole, to myself. Fully imbued and intricately woven into Himself.

It takes deliberate time and decision making, but there is such reward!

How do we get there? It does sound like a lot of work, and in one way it is, but only because it requires being deliberate. Really it is as simple as saying yes to Him.

Yes, I choose to include you Father in this. I choose to open myself to you. I choose to ask you to find the garbage in me and get rid of it. I choose to be known by you. All of me to be known by all of you.

He is so happy to know us, that it doesn’t require us to perform any great task, we don’t have to run off and slay any dragons or conquer any mountains or cure cancer before He is happy with us.

All it takes for God to be happy is for us to show up. Anywhere. In the kitchen, in the garden, in the bathroom, in a church building, in bed at night, wherever!

He just wants to fill us ever fuller with the river of life that makes beautiful places inside us and outside us. How Amazing!

Heidi Baker says first stop for the One – meaning Jesus, and then you can stop for the one – meaning the next person or task He brings to you. I think that is what He is reminding me when He says to me Low and Slow Anita. The more we remain at His feet, determined like Mary to learn from Him and to know Him intimately, the more we are able to bring to the world that we live in.

This is because we are able to bring ever increasing amounts of Him and the best versions of us possible.

What does this look like for you?

God Bless You Very Much.


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