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We Are Thin Places

…Christ in you, the hope of Glory… Colossians 1.27 (NIV)

…your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God… 1 Corinthians 6:19 (NIV)

There are thin places on the earth. For long years many different peoples have known their country and where the sacred sites are, the holy places, the ley lines, the dangerous places, the quiet places of the soul. That innate sense we have that warns people away from or draws people to different areas. There are places where the veil between the temporal and the spiritual is so fine, that it is so nearly easy to cross over into heaven in these clay bodies of ours that it hurts.

Problem is, and what most people don’t remember is this; that we are also thin places. When we enter into a heart relationship with the God of all things, who created all things, and step into The Narrow Way, we are meant to become a thin place. We become indwelt by two parts of the triune God-head; God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

How we don’t combust is a mystery to me. How we also don’t immediately lose our clay-flesh also is a mystery to me. I know What For. That part is so we can get the task done of restoring our patch of time, everything within our sphere of influence, back into relationship with Him.

Whether we have influence over 2 square metres around us or over a million people doesn’t matter.

The more our relationship with God grows and deepens, the deeper we venture into the River, the closer we draw to Him, the more practiced we become living in and releasing His Presence, the more the natural world around us comes into its supernaturally natural order.

Have you ever been in corporate worship times when you’ve felt like Heaven was so close you could just about touch it? Or alone, talking to Our Father, Jesus or Holy Spirit and He was physically right there beside you? Do you understand that that same power is actually inside you all the time if you’ve chosen the Narrow Way? There is no veil…

We are also capable of creating thin places. Deliberate action to cultivate an atmosphere of rest, or worship, or hospitality, or refreshing, or peace etc. within your home and yourself under God creates a well from which the world around you will be influenced.

This takes work, but it’s the most glorious, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, self-destroying work you’ll ever do… You’ll die and just when you think there’s nothing left, He’ll hand you back everything of yourself that you never knew you were, infused with Himself in a way that is impossible to separate, bitter sweetly marked with the hand of Christ and filled with Holy Spirit.

The closer we determine to come to God, the more we desire and practice allowing Him to influence every part of our life, our waking and sleeping moments, the more and more every part of our life will impact people, the atmosphere and the environment around us without us even doing anything to deliberately influence them for Him. I believe that is how it was possible for Peter’s shadow to heal people as reported in Acts 5. His life had become so entwined with the Holy Spirit and with the Resurrected Life of Christ, that miracle just happened around him as he walked past.

These things are happening today, it is possible, Peter was no more or less a person than you or I am. The power of the Resurrection has not diminished with the passage of Time. Don’t let any ‘theological’ lie divert you from the yearning you have to be as it is written one with Christ as He is one with The Father. (John 17:20-23 NIV)

There are lots of tools available, soaking and worship and study, prayer streaming, counselling, sozo, and many others. Ask, Ask, Ask. Father will show you where to start. If you’re not sure, ask someone what has been good for them and test it. You’ll know if it’s the right place to start for you or not. Also, learn to listen, it’s the best skill you’ll have.

God Himself really wants us to have this as our everyday experience of Him. The whole of creation is crying out for us to be revealed in the fullness of our potential in Christ. Can you feel the call within yourself to rise into that potential? To be everything that God created you to be, by being so fused with Him that He is physically visible on the outside of you to the whole world?

Whether your call is to tend a garden, to turn the soil, to create a place of safety for one child or thirty children, to tend animals or plants that provide food for a community or a nation, to speak to hundreds, thousands or millions, the arts, to innovate products or systems that improve the way of life as it currently is in the first world or developing nations, to conservation, to human rights, justice, peace, eradicating poverty…

Where in this world do we not need the thinnest places between heaven and earth to be but at the ends of our own fingers, our voice, our thought processes, our parenting, our friendships, our interactions with strangers?

You are a Thin Place.

God Bless You Very Much


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