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I am a writer from Tasmania, Australia, who believes there is more power and authority available living in our ordinary relationship with God than we realise. I believe we live our best life when we connect all the parts of ourself together instead of keeping them separate. Our relationship with God, fun, food, family, friends and work all go in the same bucket.


For many years, I worked in the not for profit Christian social welfare sector. I worked in local, national and international capacities, (didn’t travel overseas during this period though- irony) as a trainer and youth worker, also as a social services, youth services, developing nations and outreach program developer and implementer. (Mouthfull!)


I also worked in the state system in school chaplaincy, for just shy of three years. I wore many hats and things were far from simple.


In 2009 life took a Left Turn because of a head injury at my workplace, and I spent a lot of time being refined through the resulting necessary practice of the Presence of God.


I live in a rural town, population: small, in my home State of Tasmania, (Australia) population: small.


I moved here in 2014 as the last step in a process after the head injury. This has enabled me to work with the differences in my life and abilities stemming from the accident, and created space to concentrate on rehabilitation as well as do something I never thought I would be able to do – own my own home! Thank you, Jesus!


So I Quilt and Crochet and Write and Draw and Garden and save, save, save! I can’t say renovate yet; because there are no renovations being done here – and I definitely don’t include the hole I cut in the wall so I could see the TV when I’m cooking…


I own an extra-large rescued Border Collie named Norbert who was named by committee after the Angry Beavers cartoon from the 90’s and a spare cat who goes by the names "Phantom Menace", "Possum", or "Mini Meow".

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